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Small Business Plating


Gold and metal layers - small business coating


Covering all kind of surfaces with gold and other metals


made in Germany  / Europe

This is our top electroplating kit, aimed to our customers who not only want to do gold and silver electroplating process, but also looking for the flexibility of beeing able to plate copper and nickel.  This kit is for those of you who want to be able to take advantage on a much wider range of plating jobs with confidence.
The main benefit of the deluxe kit is : You receive our recently improved copper and nickel electroplating solution. With the copper you'll be able to plate small steel or iron parts, for example screw heads and screw nuts.
Change a matt surface to shiny by building up a thick layer and polishing back; this is very useful on some types of mobile phones.

Plate on tin, lead, pewter, Britannia metal and solder.

With the nickel solution you'll be able to plate a barrier on top of brass or copper to ensure gold plate retains its correct lustre and colour. Carry out triple plating on small parts.
Plate copper clamps for electrical purposes.
Further benefits include: A carbon overlay - essential for plating shadow and stain free nickel coatings, MetaPrep - ideal for removing dirt such as oil, wax and old silicone, polish residues and MetaSeal to give your work a lasting polish.

Kit Contents:
1 parcel, weight: 8 kilos
-shipping worldwide-

 Some ideas for gold plated items..

Gold plated SmartPhones

• 500ml Gold Plating Liquid for more than 5 m² surface

• 250ml Nickel Plating Liquid
• 250ml Chromium Stripper
• 250ml Cleaner
• 250ml Activator
• 25 Amp Power Rectifier
• Expansion Box
• 3 Electrode Handles
• 3 Stainless Steel Electrodes
• 3 red leads
• 1 Black lead and clip
• Hand Polishing Kit
• 10 swabs (reusable and long life)
• 3 Drip Trays or a big one
• 6 beakers
• Spray bottle
• Plating Training Manual
• 12 months warranty

- time to assemble for your quickstart :
approx. 10 minutes
- Option to customise the contents of this kit to suit your requirements

Gold covered items - Gold Plating Asia

Do you see how easy it is ??

Its a 24 carat gold layer
durable and easy to supply

With that mobile unit you are able TO MEET YOUR CUSTOMER and start working

NO workplace needed

No demounting of the workpeaces for treatment.

Coating with 24ct gold or other metal surfaces in minutes

Want an exclusive look for your Smartphone or iphone ?

How easy is that !

Get an 24 carat Gold surface in a few minutes. Never worry again, cause the metalic covers  are sold out !
Do it by yourself - a personalized look for your phone in gold or other metal surfaces.
Jewellers and designers equipment for another stream of income

Dodge Nitro gold plated parts - workflow


1250.- EURO

without post and package
SECURE Payment by

Gold Plating an Iphone
Gold and Metal covering on every conductive surface for small businesses
Gold Plating Asia
Hersteller: Gold Plating Germany
Model: Small Business
1450 €



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