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Mobile Gold and Metal Plating

Metal Coating with our system

made in Germany / Europe

iPod gold plated

Do you want to coat lots of objects, or maybe you have a special hobby? Searching for a start up business idea? Buy our system and enter a huge market: Using our system is as easy as winking due to its smart technical equipment.

You buy a ready-to-use state of the art system manufactured in Germany / Europe including already all consumable materials for your quick-start. It has a three-year-warranty and free tech support. No expensive hotline calls, no call center. We offer personal assistance and all of our experience in gold and metal plating! Please let us know about any further information you need, concerning this business.

Aussenspiegel nachtraeglich vergoldet
Gold Plated items

Coating on every conductive surface, even Wood or Plastic  with this worldwide unique system pure 24 carat gold, silver, platinum, chrome, copper, nickel and rhodium.

Flexible usage of the plating unit - meet your customer and start working. No demounting of the components you are working on

No workshop needed - mobile equipment

No size limitation of the workpiece, whatever it is: a spoon or a big SUV !

No toxic materials (cyanide free ), passing all environmental constrains

A logo or a badge, rims or wheels, engine parts exposed violent heating, a bathroom valve, fittings or armatures, golf clubs, stainless steel cutlery or flatware, or any other item made of metal or also the preferred pieces of jewelry, the Coating System satisfies all customer expectations in various market segments.

You may find items need coating everywhere:
automotive, maritime area, aerospace industry, household, motor sports equipment, music instruments and jewelry etc. The sky is the limit.



This mobile metal coating system could be your next stream of income in the future





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On the following sites you will see a detailed description of every single gold and metal plating machine

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